Burrata: Several Ways

Oh, how I just love Burrata with all of its  luscious, creamy goodness.  It’s essentially a sack of mozzarella filled with stracciatella, a mixture of mozzarella curd and fresh cream. The straciatella is enveloped in a perfect little pouch and the cheese is traditionally knotted at the top. After a single puncture of the fork, its buttery filling oozes out. If that’s not food porn I don’t know what is. Due to its high moisture content and zero aging, it’s classified as a fresh cheese.

Burrata is amazingly decadent yet light on the palate with a refreshingly sweet cream flavor. It’s made an appearance on many restaurant menus. What’s not to like, really? It’s simply delicious and versatile. While many restaurants default to Caprese-style with tomatoes, basil, evoo and balsamic *yawn,* I enjoy what others are doing to elevate this delicious product by pairing it with out of the ordinary ingredients.

Note: For those who haven’t had Burrata, you will soon after reading this post.- I apologize in advance if you are now addicted to this cheese.

Burrata with roasted grapes and poppy seeds

Animal Restaurant  //  435 North Fairfax, Los Angeles

The flesh of grapes are transformed when roasted–delicate, almost jam-like and homogenous in texture with the cheese. The subdued sweetness of the grapes bring out the natural sweetness of the cheese. A generous topping of poppy seeds provides the necessary texture this dish needs. Because it’s soo good,  you’ll probably forget that there are a bunch of poppy seeds stuck in your teeth.

Burrata with Plum, duck prosciutto, Oregon hazelnuts, chocolate sour dough

Red Bird  //  114 East Second St, Downtown Los Angeles

A mélange of ingredients that  come together in perfect harmony. The choice of a duck prosciutto lends the perfect amount of salty flavor against the refreshing fluff of Burrata. The aerated and crisp chocolate sour dough are unexpected but play well with others–absorbing the vinaigrette from the greens and glossy fat of the prosciutto. A vibrant salad of bitter frisée, water cress and tart green apples impart freshness and enliven the entire dish. The hazelnuts are buttery and pleasantly crunchy.


Burrata lettuce wrap with bib lettuce and crispy guanciale (pork cheek)


This Burrata guanciale lettuce wrap snack was created by a member of the Volpi team at my work’s kitchen during a charcuterie class. What a creation! The sizzling hot-out-of-the-pan guanciale against the Burrata and crisp lettuce leaf was incredibly refreshing. Forget the calories. It counts as a salad.


Burrata with fried green tomatoes and crispy Serrano, hazelnut Romesco

Ironwood  //  25250 La Paz Rd, Laguna Hills

An impressive rendition of a Burrata “salad.”  It was warm, comforting and wonderfully savory. With each bite  was a textural crunch from the crispy Serrano and fried tomatoes. The earthiness and zesty spice of the Romesco lifted the Burrata. A briny bite of pickled red onions offset the richness of the dish.


Beekeeper’s Burrata with berries, honeycomb and marcona almonds

Foremost Wine Co.  //  570 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo

While most restaurants serve Burrata as an appetizer, Foremost Wine Co. serves it for dessert. Here, Burrata’s fresh and delicate flavors are highlighted with tart berries and local honeycomb–a symphony of gentle, soft flavors coalesced into one.


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