Cesar’s Oaxacan Style String Cheese

String cheese brings back fond memories of my elementary school days, where I would eagerly await the ring of the lunch bell to tear open its wrapping and enjoy. The act of pulling apart the stretchy strands of mozzarella was a pleasurable experience. Now as an adult, I get that same nostalgic feeling–but with Cesar’s Oaxacan style string cheese. Oaxacan style string cheese has more stretch and is even more fibrous. After a single pull, you’ll find yourself entangled in a deliciously stringy mess.

Cesar Luis learned  cheesemaking as a young child in in Oaxaca, Mexico. He continued his passion moving to Wisconsin, where he received his cheesemaking license. The cheese is completely stretched by hand in 5o foot ropes and submerged in a 100 degree bath. It’s continuously pulled into thinner strings and cut into sticks. This style of cheese is known as Pasta Filata, or “spun paste,” which describes the technique of pulling and stretching of the curd. Other Pasta Filata cheeses include Scamorza, Caciocavallo, and Provolone.


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