Crackers Suited for Cheese

With much enthusiasm, my cousin insisted I try Smoked Gouda flavored Triscuits. It was accurately smoky, generically cheesy and processed just like Smoked Gouda . The cracker was a snack in itself and would be overpowering to pair with anything–cheese especially, which is my point of this post. When enjoying cheese it’s important that it takes center stage. Your cracker of choice should not be intensely flavored, but neutral. The subtleties and nuances are highlighted when using such a cracker. That is why, I am sharing crackers that pair best with cheese.

34 degree crackers are my go-to. They are delightfully airy and crisp,  showcasing any cheese or accompaniment you top it with. 34 degree crackers contrast with the richness of  creamier varieties such as soft-ripened/delicate triple cremes. Too minimize any cracker breakage,  serve cheese at room temperature and do not apply much pressure when spreading. 

Neither too thick or too thin, the original La Panzanella Croccantini complements all kinds of cheeses and spreads.


Beecher’s, the company that makes my one of my favorite cheeses, also makes a pretty mean cracker. Beecher’s original crackers are  buttery with a nutty, cornmeal-sweetness. Its hearty texture works well with a robust cheddar (such as Flagship, of course) and husky blues.


Raincoast crisps are a cheese’s best friend. The added ingredients of nuts and dried fruit accentuate whatever cheese you serve it with. The brittle texture provides a pleasing crunch. I enjoy pairing Humboldt Fog with cranberry hazelnut crisps. The tartness of the cranberries harmoniously pairs with the acidity of the goat’s cheese.



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