Memorable Dishes in Salt Lake City, Utah

To experience Utah is to experience the Beehive state during the winter. The chill from the wind and the fresh scent of  fallen snow was a welcomed change, making dining and having a cup of tea that much more enjoyable. During my short work trip, I was able to eat at few great Salt Lake City staples–The Copper Onion and Red Iguana.


Turkish Eggs

The Copper Onion

An intriguing brunch item of two perfectly poached eggs nestled in a sweet, peppery bath of paprika butter, yogurt and mint. I anticipated the hot butter to separate the yogurt but was not at all bothered by the ricotta-like texture as a result of it. As you break open the delicately poached egg, the release of the yolk creates a decadent sauce to slather on your toast. A  chiffonade of mint added an herbaceous bite while  brightening up the dish.


Not your ordinary Tres Leches Cake

Red Iguana

There’s a reason why I don’t have a picture of this cake. After a single bite, I repeatedly came back for more and for more…until it was gone. The cake was as small as a muffin, thoroughly soaked in a chilled milky pool of vanilla, tres leches/3 milks of evaporated, condensed and whole milk. The unexpected addition of brandy added another dimension, bringing out the vanilla to the forefront and accenting the lightly sweetened milks.


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