Moliterno al Tartufo Pasta with Bacon

Envision this:

Warm fusilli pasta and bacon tossed inside a hollowed out wheel of Moliterno al Tartufo. The heat of the pasta melts the cheese as it’s being gently mixed. The natural starch of the pasta acts as thickening agent, creating a decadent sauce. Where could one go wrong?

Moliterno al Tartufo  is a truffle-veined  Pecorino from Sardinia. The Piquancy of the sheep’s milk married with the aroma of truffles is remarkably well-balanced. The addition of bacon added a touch of smoky flavor and the earth of the truffles softened the salty bite of the cheese.


Central Formaggio demonstrating their Moliterno al Tartufo pasta dish at Culture magazine’s (the word on cheese) Counter Culture seminar

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