One in a Trillium

I first learned of Tulip Tree Creamery two years back during an ACS test prep session at the Sheraton in Iowa (I was studying for a rigorous cheese exam held during the American Cheese Society Conference). The Tulip duo sat right behind me, friendly as can be!

Located in Indianapolis, Tulip Tree Creamery defines artisan cheese. Their award winning cheeses are lovingly handmade using traditional European recipes with a modern twist. I’m a fan of their products, notably Trillium, a 2017 Good Food Award winner. Two French classics, Camembert and Brie, inspired the creation of this divine Triple Cream. Trillium’s fresh cream flavor is harmonized with a gentle lactic edge, rounded out with hints of oyster mushroom. When ripe, the delectable paste nearly escapes from the rind–waiting to be sopped up with a crusty baguette.

Trillium is one in a million and instantly becomes the highlight on any cheese board. When I’m able to get my hands on this cheese, I like to serve it with a chilled glass of Rosé wine and fennel salami.

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