The Best Ever Mac & Cheese

My favorite show on the Food Network is  “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” for two reasons:

  1. You discover the favorite dishes of food personalities/writers/chefs and where you can find them. It’s also cool when they’re showing something you’ve actually eaten. I.e. Claire Robinson having the vanilla cream meringue cake at Cipriani in New York (I highly recommend it).

2.  The number two reason is watching their raw passion for food as they vividly describe each dish. Just listen to Alex Guarnaschelli– her words are poetic. She calls the waiter who makes the best Caesar salad “a maestro that sprinkles a salt violin of cheese.” Alex then looks up and pauses as she recalls each element and squints in joy. Love her.


I‘ve only had a handful of “that was the best ever____!” moments. And I know that I’m not going to find all of them in my neighborhood. It will require a little exploration because it’s a journey. With that being said, the BEST EVER Mac & Cheese can be found at The Butcher’s Table in Seattle, Washington. Owner Kurt Dammeier and  founder of Beecher’s Cheese, serves his “world’s best” mac & cheese at his steakhouse–all hot and bubbly and right out of the oven. It’s made lovingly with their Flagship Cheddar and Just Jack cheese. Flagship is like an aged Cheddar meets Gruyere: robust yet nutty. Marry that with a buttery jack and you have “the world’s best” mac & cheese. At the Beecher’s shop in Pike Place Market, it’s served piping hot-stove top style. It’s still very tasty, but now multiply that to the 100th power with how it’s prepared at The Butcher’s Table. They take the exact same mac and cheese, add bread crumbs and finish it off in the oven to develop a brown cheesy crust and…..wait for it…….serve it with their house-made Sriracha!  Is your mouth watering yet? The cheeses balance one another; Flagship gives the sauce an edge and Just Jack adds a luscious buttery texture. As you dig in with your fork and break open the blanket of cheesy crust, the steam of the hot noodles releases, giving you a welcomed mini facial. Get a little bit of crunchy cheesy bits along with the creamy pasta, a dab of the spicy Sriracha, and you have the perfect bite. True story: I placed two orders of this as a side to my steak. It’s next level, out of this world and the BEST EVER mac & cheese.


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