The Most Interesting Thing I ate during the Holidays and Pretty Much this Year

What kind of cake do you this may be? Your guess might be that it’s an edgy tropical layer cake with toasted coconut flakes embellished with glazed apricots and fresh herbs. Not quite.

This confection combines sweet sponge cake with  savory salt-cured egg yolks and dried pork–ingredients that are typically eaten with jook, a rice porridge. When my cousin’s fiancée brought this for Christmas dinner, I had mixed feelings. I was intrigued, weirded out but inspired. “How could this be good?” I thought; but, “how could this be bad?” I enjoy all these ingredients individually and I’m sucker for salted eggs. After a few bites and some major pondering, it was neither good or bad, a hodge podge of ingredients that lacked contrast and depth. The cream was unsweetened and flat, the dried pork was bland and the egg yolks were just not salty enough. The textural components of this cake did not coalesce and I found myself coughing on the dried pork bits.

Interesting? Yes. But, probably not something that I would dig my fork into again!




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