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Hi friends! I’m so excited to be here to share with you my passion, expertise and let’s be real, —obsession with cheese and food. This obsession stemmed from childhood, where I spent a great deal of time with my friend/neighbor’s family of wine enthusiasts. I was always invited to their dinner parties and accompanied them on their winery excursions. I was pretty much, what they called “their adopted daughter.” As a twelve year old, I spent my vacations from school in remote wineries, learning about grape varietals and fine foods. Before you know it, I was arranging my own cheese board and bringing them to their gatherings! Those memories have never left me and I’ve held onto to that passion ever since.

Fast-forward to where I am today: I work in a merchandising/purchasing role for a 27-store grocery retailer. I’m grateful that I am surrounded by the world’s most delicious foods and contribute to the launch and promotion of them.

I enjoy dining for hours on end (sometimes you just have to order 75% of the menu), discovering exciting cheeses, trying new items that hit the grocery shelves and critiquing them, learning about foreign ingredients, and cooking + experimenting with unexpected flavors. This blog will essentially be an amalgamation of my professional and personal experiences in food. Enjoy, and have a seat at Cheese at Tiffany’s!


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  1. This cheese looks wonderful and coming from you , the expert, Im going to try it.
    Thank you for this blog…keep us informed–we need more passionate about food , foodies like you. Being a food writer–I have to say, your writing and photos are great! Way to go tiffany!

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